for Calvert County



1. The state of being free within society from oppressive restrictions imposed by authority on one’s way of life, behavior, or political views.

Residential Growth

As a 20+ year resident, Chris feels that we are near our maximum growth. We must prevent the creation of more high-density housing if Calvert County is to retain its rural, agricultural history. Route 4 in Prince Frederick is almost as wide as some of 301 in Waldorf, and backups to Huntingtown are regular. Chris will implement practical solutions for this growing issue.

Commercial Growth

Why does Calvert County have so much new commercial construction when there are so many vacant storefronts and office spaces? As a professional property manager, Chris believes we should encourage commercial property owners to assist local startups in filling these vacant spaces. Doing so will help slow the curve on buildout and density.

Strong Local Government

With help from the media, the federal and state governments have steadily undermined our Bill of Rights. We can count on Chris to fight tirelessly to protect our rights. When he enlisted in the military, he swore to defend to Constitution of the United States. He still holds that oath and will work tirelessly to protect our rights as free citizens.

Education and Local Control

Chris respects the School Board’s authority in matters of curriculum. He also believes that commissioners are obligated to help teach children American morals, ethics, and values. Chris will help Calvert County to move forward and teach history as it happened, good and bad, so we can learn from it and stop labeling our citizens as anything other than a person and member of our community.

Community Policing

Supporting our Sheriff in all their responsibilities is one of Chris’s top priorities. He will ensure they receive full funding so they can continue to do their important work: maintaining a lawful society. Chris will focus on alleviating our local drug epidemic and help Calvert County remain a safe place to raise our children and grandchildren.

Ethics and Morals

Calvert County’s current board voted on a master growth plan that included a specific piece of property into Huntingtown Town Center. Chris called upon Commissioner McConkey to recuse or resign instead of actively promoting and voting for a significant change to the possible future use of property he owns. Chris will bring the same integrity to this role by always voting in the best interests of citizens—never for himself.